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Buy Disneyland Annual Pass Online !!HOT!!

To purchase an Annual Pass via a single payment, please call us on 03448 008 898 (national call rates apply, cost may vary according to network). You have the possibility to opt for a monthly payment, by purchasing your Annual Pass at the entrance of the Walt Disney Studio Park (please consult our Terms & Conditions), or by purchasing the Annual Pass online (only on the French Website and in French) -fr/pass-annuels.

buy disneyland annual pass online

Please note that monthly payments must be debited from a bank account located in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and opened at a bank that accepts direct debits in euros known as "SEPA Direct Debit Core" ("SDD Core").Please check that your bank complies with the above conditions prior subscribing to the monthly payment.Full Terms & Conditions of subscription are available in English under the following link: -gb/annual-passes/cga

Hello!I will be visiting Tokyo Disneyland in December, and was thinking of purchasing tickets online. However will I be able to get an original ticket at disneyland itself? Or will I only have the e-tickets? Thank you in advance!

You can find even more info on our Universal Studios Discount Tickets page. There you will find information on every type of ticket to Universal Studios Hollywood and our comparison of the prices of regular park guests, annual passes, military, combo Disneyland tickets and more. Checkout our entire Universal Studios Hollywood 2023 Guide for more information for your California vacation. There are also combo ticket options for the Disney theme parks and San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, Knott's Berry Farm, or Legoland via the links to our authorized ticket seller above.

The Magic Key annual pass program is available across four different tiers with different price ranges. The pass levels include discounts for merchandise and food & beverage. Magic Key holders will have to make park reservations and the amount they can make will depend on the tier level they purchased.

Disneyland Resort tickets can be used as credit towards the purchase of a higher-priced ticket or annual pass. But to be eligible for an upgrade you must upgrade during the time period that your ticket is still valid. Often, families will upgrade their ticket to an annual pass on the last day. When you upgrade a ticket the amount that you spent on the ticket will be applied towards the new pass. If you purchased discounted tickets, the amount that you paid will be the amount that is applied towards a new pass.

Currently I recommend purchasing your annual pass directly from Disney. These passes aren't discounted anywhere online. You can purchase vouchers at some Southern California supermarkets, but they cost the same amount as you would spend in park and you will still have to go through the same processing at Disneyland.

I am going to DLP in a few weeks and was going to order our annual passports online so as to save time once we got there. As far as I can see the forms are only on the French website in French =1&sp=1&affid=SECUTIX&tduid=32454335543R

Currently at DLP! Just got our APs today. I ordered online ( I live in (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-77468216', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');London / UK billing address) a week or so ago. I just used the French website. Use Google translate if you're stuck. If you're willing to pay in full, you can go ahead and get the AP immediately. You get an email with a temporary pass that's valid for 6 months from purchase date. It will be in French but no big deal. Will scan when you get to the park. We got our official pass the same day, so I can't speak on going when the office is closed. Took about 20 min in queue to get the pass sorted.

Disneyland regulars have been asking for some sort of season pass since the resort reopened in late April, when guests reported waiting up to seven or eight hours to buy daily admission tickets. Disneyland's previous annual pass program was discontinued in January.

"Magic Key" passes range in price from $399 to $1,399 with monthly payment options available for Southern California residents. They can be purchased online at and through the Disneyland app.

At aRes Travel, a discounted Disneyland Resort ticket you buy online saves you money. Save money with 1-Park Per Day tickets, enjoy even bigger savings with 2-5 Day Park Hopper tickets. Receive one Magic Morning early admission pass with each ticket of three days or more!

Even if you don't live in Southern California, purchasing an annual pass might be a good idea if you plan on visiting the Disneyland Resort for more than seven days in one year. You will save money on your park tickets and annual passes also provide discounts on food and merchandise. The amount of discounts depends on the level of pass you purchase but even the cheapest passes give you a 10% discount. So when considering if you should purchase an annual pass, factor in the savings for food and merchandise to make your decision.

You can even just purchase on annual pass for one person in your party so that way the entire group can save money on dining and merchandise. If you consider the amount you can spend on dining on a Disneyland vacation, the dining discount from having one pass comes in handy.

To purchase your Magic Key pass, you must do so online at either or on the Disneyland app. Disney is NOT selling Magic Key passes at the ticket booths at Disneyland Resort.

Magic Key passes are available for renewal only until further notice. New Magic Key sales are temporarily paused. The Magic Key program replaced the former annual pass program. Magic Key holders must make advance reservations to visit the parks. Magic Key holders use the same reservation system and may make reservations up to 90 days in advance (for other ticket holders, it's 120 days in advance) and have a limited number of reservations they can hold at a time, which varies by type of pass. But as soon as a reservation is used or canceled, a new reservation may be booked. The availability calendar for Magic Key holders differs from other ticket holders. You might see a day without reservations available for Magic Key holders while there is plenty of availability for other ticket holders and vice-versa.

This is quite different from other Disney annual passes that give you special discounts when you purchase an annual pass. In Tokyo, your annual pass only gets you into the park with no other perks, so that is something to consider when purchasing an annual pass.

The downside is that the Tokyo Disneyland annual pass does not give you access to Tokyo DisneySea. You would have to purchase a separate park ticket if you wanted to visit Tokyo DisneySea.

There are day passes, multi-day passes up to 5 days, and Disneyland parkhopper ticket upgrades in all of these types that allow you to go to both parks on the same day. There are also Disneyland annual passes available to those visiting more than once per year.

You can still take advantage of Magic Mornings as an annual passholder! You just have to show your hotel key at the gate (if staying at one of the on-site hotels like the Grand, DL hotel, and Paradise Pier. Have fun!! ?

Think you know Disneyland? Well, ponder this: There are people who go there every single day. Seriously. Every day. And about a zillion others who shelled out hundreds for annual passes. What do they know that can make your visit more enjoyable? Here are some tips:

If you are staying onsite then you already have park tickets as part of your package. If you are staying offsite then it is DEFINITELY worthwhile buying an annual pass. You can buy in advance by phoning Disney & if there are 5 of you from the same address you will qualify for a 20% discount on all of those 5 passes. The 10% discount on both restaurants & merchandise will add up to a large amount and may even make the tickets pay for themselves! Even if staying onsite with tickets already included it is worth 1 of you purchasing an annual pass & getting all of the benefits. Only 1 pass is needed to get the discount at restaurants/shops as long as the person holding the pass is at the table or checkout. Enjoy your stay !

This varies from time to time. Most times you will be given a special offer for renewing which will either be a discount OR extra months. When we last renewed it was full price but we were given an extra 6 months so our next annual pass was in fact valid for 18 months. Call the Annual Pass bureau & ask what offers are available for renewal.

You can phone up the annual pass office & buy the pass in advance. If you decide to buy on the day then you can pay for parking & have this refunded (or removed from the AP price) on production of your parking receipt. The B&B provides a free shuttle service which runs every 15-20 mins & takes approx 5 mins so may be a better idea than driving but at peak times these shuttles can become cramped & full. Thats a judgement call for you. You could walk but its along a busy road and takes about 20 mins. Shuttle or drive would certainly be best.

Hi, I read recently that monthly payment by direct debit for annual passes is now open to non French residents. Could you please confirm if this is the case? Do we purchase 1 day tickets on arrival then go to the Annual Pass office with our passports, bank details etc?Many thanks.

Hello ? we are wanting to buy x1 dream pass amd x4 fantasy for our trip in May 2017. We dont plan to buy until October but was wondering what the best way to do this was? There doesnt seem to be an option online to buy different passes in 1 transaction (other than a french form that can be printed off and posted, but im struggling to translate), so was looking for some guidance. Thankyou.

Ok I have one. I won two signature plus passes in a drawing, I have on hand the two paper tickets, the expire date on them are 4/8/20. we were never able to activate the passes due to the closure, and now that they did away with the annual passes where do we go from there? 041b061a72


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