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DOWNLOAD Kassav\\\\\\\\' \\\\\\\\"Love And Ka Dance (Vinyl)\\\\\\\\" (1979)

DOWNLOAD Kassav' "Love And Ka Dance (Vinyl)" (1979)

If you are a fan of zouk music, you might want to download the debut album of Kassav', the legendary band that popularized the genre worldwide. The album, titled "Love And Ka Dance", was released in 1979 and features eight tracks that blend Caribbean rhythms, disco beats, and electronic sounds. The album is considered a milestone in the history of zouk and a masterpiece of Afro-Caribbean music.

What is zouk?

Zouk is a musical style that originated in the French Antilles, especially Guadeloupe and Martinique, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is influenced by various genres such as cadence-lypso, compas, gwo ka, salsa, funk, and soul. Zouk means "party" or "festival" in Creole, and the music is characterized by fast tempo, complex percussion, synthesizers, and catchy melodies. Zouk is often sung in French, Creole, or English, and sometimes incorporates other languages such as Portuguese or Spanish.


Who are Kassav'?

Kassav' are a group of musicians from Guadeloupe and Martinique who formed in 1979 with the aim of creating a modern and professional sound for Caribbean music. The core members of the band are Pierre-Edouard Decimus, Georges Decimus, Jacob Desvarieux, Jocelyne Béroard, and Jean-Philippe Marthély. Kassav' are widely regarded as the creators and innovators of zouk music, as they experimented with new technologies and techniques to produce a distinctive and original sound. Kassav' have released over 20 albums and have performed all over the world, becoming one of the most successful and influential bands in the history of African diaspora music.

What is "Love And Ka Dance"?

"Love And Ka Dance" is the first album by Kassav', released in 1979 by FM Productions. The album consists of four long tracks, each divided into two parts: A1. Kassav', A2. Fascination, B1. Nouvel, B2. Love And Ka Dance. The album showcases the fusion of traditional Caribbean drums (ka) with modern electronic instruments (synthesizers, keyboards, guitars) and disco influences. The album also features guest appearances by other musicians such as Philippe Draï, Robert Benjamin, Tambours Saint-Jean, Chantal Curtis, and Pierra Zamia. The album was recorded at Studio Johanna in Paris and mixed by Freddy Marshall.

How to download "Love And Ka Dance"?

If you want to download "Love And Ka Dance" by Kassav', you have several options. You can buy the vinyl record from online stores such as [Discogs] or [Amazon], where you can find both original and reissue versions of the album. You can also stream or download the digital version of the album from platforms such as [Spotify], [Apple Music], [Deezer], or [YouTube]. Alternatively, you can use a torrent site such as [The Pirate Bay] or [1337x] to download the album for free, but be aware that this might be illegal or unsafe depending on your location and device.

Why should you download "Love And Ka Dance"?

You should download "Love And Ka Dance" by Kassav' if you want to enjoy one of the most influential and groundbreaking albums in zouk music. The album is a masterpiece of Afro-Caribbean culture that combines tradition and innovation, creating a unique and captivating sound that will make you dance and sing along. The album is also a historical document that reflects the social and political context of the French Antilles in the late 1970s and early 1980s, as well as the aspirations and challenges of the Caribbean diaspora in France. The album is a must-have for any fan of zouk music or anyone interested in discovering the rich and diverse musical heritage of the Caribbean.