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Best Buy Guitar Center

Other retailers do this. I shop at Guitar Center (owned by private equity firm, Bain Capital), which is located a few blocks from Forbes, and their 30 day price match guarantee includes bonafide online retailers like or I have purchased guitar tuners and cables at 60% of the price it is displayed at in the actual store. The sales clerk looks it up online to confirm the discount, and then happily takes my credit card for the purchase, including sales tax. I leave satisfied, and over the long run I continue to shop at Guitar Center buying other items, so in the end, I think both retailer and customer win.

best buy guitar center

Went to the local BB and noticed their guitar selection was not as plentiful as I remembered. Also they had a load of pedals on sale for half off. I asked the employee what gives. He told me they are getting out of the music instrument business as of May 18th. All their guitars were on clearance at 20% off. He said they are going to discount them more the closer they get to May 18th. If you are looking for gear, check it out, you can probably score some good deals. Just an FYI.

Sweetwater is one of the largest and most reputable online music instruments retailers in the world. Get the latest deals on the biggest guitar brands including Gibson, Fender, PRS and Ibanez and more!

Guitar Center is the world's largest musical instrument retailer offering wide variety of guitar gear from the most reputable brands in the industry. Click the button to get the latest deals on all of your music related needs

For those who are hesitant to buy guitars online and would rather play with the guitar in store before you buy, this is a great option. Once the guitar is shipped to your store, you can play with it and decide if you want to return it once you get your hands on it.

Musician's Friend is one of the largest online music retailers in the world. Owned by Guitar Center, Musician's Friend offers a similar assortment of guitars and music equipments from the most reputable brands.

zZounds is a top online guitar store that has offerings from some of the biggest guitar brands in the industry. They have some of the best prices on the market and offer some of the quickest shipping times out of any online music retailer.

Zzounds is known for having the best prices out of any online retailer. They offer free shipping for most items, which really adds up considering how large and cumbersome some musical instruments can be to ship. Larger instruments can typically cost $80 or more to ship, and getting that for free on most items is huge!

Here are the absolute best places to buy used guitars online. Keep in mind that as mentioned above, Guitar Center is also a great place to buy used gear. However, the list below is for stores that are specifically dedicated to buying and selling used gear.

Establishing the moatGuitar Center's focus on guitars and related musical equipment creates a natural barrier to entry. With its aggressive growth strategy, Guitar Center has gone on to establish a dominant position in this market. The company is just now leveraging its fixed costs and using its purchasing power to expand its margins. Guitar Center's scale and focus also add value through depth of inventory selection and knowledgeable sales staff, which national retail chains such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) can't match. So while there is competition, Guitar Center is able to avoid direct and costly challenges toward its business.

But that's what I think. Do you think the shorts have Guitar Center correctly pegged as an ugly duckling? If you agree with the shorts, let us know by joining the Motley Fool CAPS community and entering your underperform rating into the community-intelligence database. If you think Guitar Center is really a black swan and the best retail stock of 2007, give it an outperform rating. Joining the community is absolutely free. Based on your inputs, we'll determine the best retailer for 2007 early next week.

We all are indeed spending more time out of our homes, especially compared to the bottom of the pandemic era. But at night we still come home to our giant flat-panel TVs and enormous refrigerators. The only question is where will go when we need to buy new ones? Will Best Buy still be the best place to buy them? And will there be anyone working there who can answer our product questions?

Sweetwater is the largest online guitar retailer in the United States, and in fact only operate one physical store, which also happens to be their warehouse and operations center. They have over 100 acres of space, including the store, recording studios, warehouse, office space, and even a diner.

Zzounds often comes up clutch with the hard to get guitars when the more popular sites are already sold out, and their fast, free shipping gets your gear to you quicker than any of the competitors can.

Customer service at Zzounds something of a mixed bag. Some customers report responsive agents and rapid resolution to issues, while others have reported receiving open box and used guitars after specifically ordering new items. It seems that your mileage may vary with Zzounds.

They have been operating for quite some time as intermediaries between smaller guitar stores and the general public. The platform has allowed small independent retailers to compete with major chains for the first time, too, as if stores or individuals willing to ship, items are displayed nationwide.

The majority of guitar listings on eBay are from private parties selling individual items, but as with Amazon, there are people using the service to list cheap, low end guitars bought in bulk from the Far East.

Not everybody lives within a reasonable driving distance of a decent music store, so having the ability to shop for guitars online adds significant convenience to the lives of those buyers. Even for those who live 5 minutes from a Guitar Center, buying guitars from a website is still a more convenient way to shop than leaving the house.

Especially on private listings, some sellers have been known to take pictures of the genuine guitar that their replicas were based upon, and send out poor quality fakes to buyers instead.

From entry-level acoustics to premium electrics and used/vintage instruments, GC has every type of guitar for sale. They stock all major brands like ESP, Dean, Fender, Martin, Gretsch, and more.

Sweetwater is another big-name online guitar retailer, a site we recommended with utmost confidence. If Guitar Center is the most recognizable site to buy a guitar, Sweetwater has one of the largest selections of musical instruments in the US.

Sweetwater sells acoustic and electric guitars, including guitar hybrids and folk instruments like mandolins, banjos, and resonators. Whether you want an entry-level student guitar or a limited edition electric, their site has an impressive listing of guitars and accessories.

You can buy a guitar online from Sweetwater without hesitation. They are one of the most reliable sites with the best in class customer support. Sweetwater ships fast and have a 45-day return policy.

Their online guitar store has a vast collection of new, used, and B-stock guitars. They stock entry-level, mid-level, premium, and alternate-design guitars from all big and up-and-coming guitar manufacturers like Fender, Maton, Hagstrom, Rickenbacker, Dusenberg, Taylor, and Gibson.

You can buy a guitar from zZounds without any concerns. The site has a 100% trust score on scamadviser, and many musicians vouch for its customer support and fast shipping times. In fact, zZounds has four strategically located warehouses across America.

According to the site, zZounds will make you the best offer on a guitar to beat the price of an item listed by a competitive retailer. Moreover, they will refund you any difference in cost if you buy a guitar from their site and find it listed cheaper elsewhere within 30 days.

American Musical is the online retail operation of American Music Supply, a privately owned wholesale supplier and musical instrument retailer based in NJ, USA. Their site is a longstanding and trusted platform for buying guitars online.

On the pros side, the AMS site offers a free extended warranty on guitars and has a 0% interest finance plan (with a credit check). There is a 3 and 6-month payment plan without a credit check too.

The site has a formidable online presence and is considered one of the best online guitar stores. They offer acoustic, electric, and bass guitars for players of all levels. Musicians Friend is an online-only retailer with no physical stores.

Reverb came about in 2013 when a recording engineer-turned-entrepreneur (David Kalt) created an online marketplace to buy and sell guitars. It slowly evolved into one of the most popular sites to buy used.

You can buy a variety of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars on the site. Their listings include big-name brands like Ibanez, Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, and pretty much any guitar manufacturer you can think of. But the site is best known for something else.

It includes 385 sounds, 60 play-along songs, and a straightforward drum module. To me, this electronic drum set is much better than the Alesis DM6 for beginners. The Alesis Nitro electric drum kit is one of the best selling kits online. It provides extraordinary value at such an affordable price.

As a reminder, these are expensive instruments. If you plan on playing gigs or touring, be sure to take good care of your instrument. Find a way to keep the cables in order. Get yourself some drum cases (hard are best) and come up with a system for assembling the kit every night in record time. 041b061a72


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